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We specialise in a comprehensive preparation of soundtracks for films, TV programmes and/or multimedia events that entail the following: production / licensing music, selecting, recording and editing sound fx, preparing and recording narrations and voiceovers, and final surround mixing and postproduction.


Hours in the studio


COFFEES (and counting…)


Projects Completed


Sound Design

Developing sound scenes requires long hours of intensive work, superimposing layers, editing and cutting events that make up a sonic picture of the set where things are about to happen.


Music & Atmos

Music on a par with music Atmos help shape viewer emotions and highlight the message of each film scene. The soundtrack has the capacity to enrich the storyline with what remains untold.


Surround Mixing

This is an integral part of the whole process of creating a multisensory experience defined as a motion picture or a multimedia show. This is the process that affects everything the audience can hear.



We expose our composers to the audience, secure their commissions and widely promote their music to recording artists, theatre, film and television producers.

Why Us

What makes us unique?

Our studios operate online. Our dream sound crew is ready to pick and record anything you need.
And we cooperate with a broad canvas of artists to ensure satisfaction of our most discerning clientele.

Dedicated Team

We may at times sniff at a project, but when we get the ‘go-ahead’, we go the whole hog and devote ourselves to the full.

Online Delivery

We have been working online for ages and we exchange all audio/video materials via our reliable servers.


If you do not have a million dollars for Hans Zimmer, we will be in a position to license other pieces for far less.


Dolby/DTS licensing as well as closing credits in over a hundred of film productions testify to the quality of our work.

24 hour service

Dolby and DTS Mastering

Our services include encoding digital delivery audio, DVD/Blue-Ray film or TV programme soundtrack to a specified Dolby/DTS format. Fill-in the Mastering Sheet and send it to us along with your audio material. Once approved, you will get your encoded stream within 24 hours.

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