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Surround Mixing

This is the time when the levels on every audio file are tweaked - the process that affects everything the audience hears: the dialogue, sound effects, the Foley, and the score.

Mixing sound for the film and television or other multichannel multimedia takes place during the post-production stage. It is a multi-faceted process that depends on the expertise of the teams working with four main audio stems: dialogue, ambience, sound effects, and music. It is not a matter of putting everything together… It requires a great deal of artistry to make the final mix pristine and brilliant while complementing the storytelling.

Doing jigsaw puzzle

In this case, you send us the session tracks or all the stems pre-edited or not, and we handle the rest. Normally, it takes approx. 100-150 hours for a 30 minute piece of the surround film sound. If our work needs to comprise additional dialogues, sfx and music editing, i.e. cleaning up, trimming if necessary, adding fades, rendering audio quality etc., – this may extend to no less than 300 hours. We can also handle mixing of the premixed stems provided that their quality meets relevant film or television sound requirements.

The buck stops here

Whether we accept a commission for a comprehensive project or just one of its parts, we specialise in preparing sound design and/or score stems and forward pre-mixed stems for final sound editing to a designated studio. Alternatively, we do the mix or mix the ready-made soundtrack of a film supplementing it with our creative additions.

To the Unknown

We love off-the-beaten track challenges, and this is why we have developed numerous multichannel sound projects for museums, major events and other unorthodox expositions including 3D mapping or multimedia fountain shows. We also have a commendable track record in working with theatres. For us, it is a familiar ground: first comes the screenplay and lots of coffee cups, then the concept is born with even more coffee gulped down. Finally, all sound effects are ready and relevant technology in place. A sigh of relief follows and we can finally press ‘Record’.