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Music and Atmos

The music supervisor is a highly qualified professional who oversees all music related aspects of film, television, advertising, video games or other existing visual media platforms.

As music professionals, we know how important is to work with supervisors with a broad and encyclopaedic music expertise and a sophisticated knowledge of music licensing and negotiation. Typically, a good music supervisor will usually act as a liaison between the creative and business ends of the process of preparing film soundtracks. In addition, they must effectively advise and work within financial parameters of the project and deliver musical elements in a timely manner and full compliance with IP laws.

What and Where

Similar to the Sound Design work, we start from studying the screenplay / scenario or with the preliminary or final cut of the motion picture or project. This is our first and perhaps the most inspiring encounter with a future artwork. We make tons of notes as we go along jotting down our impressions and ideas. We then talk to the director and to the Supervising Sound Editor with a view to getting familiar with the creative concept of the whole piece. Once all minute details have been covered, the Music Supervisor comes to the fore and sound engineering concept work begins.

The Tape or The Score

Depending on the adopted concept and the budget approved, the Music Supervisor commences negotiations and purchases specific songs or hires the composer, and supervises subsequent stages of the production process that ends with the final music recording or uses the tracks from our resource library. Acting with the Supervising Sound Editor in sync with the director, the Music Supervisor makes the final cuts and inserts any additional atmos elements on the piece timeline so as to obtain a multi-layer structure of the musical work. Further course of action largely depends on the final format to be submitted to the Principal.

The Output

Once the music stem is ready, we forward it for further processing or the final mix to the designated studio or we complete the post-production stage. The latter entails combining the effects of the Foley with the dialogue stem, music stem etc. Thus, the final soundtrack is ready.