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Sound Designing

The audio production team has the creative output comparable to that of the film editor and director of photography.

Sound design is the art of creating auditory elements using audio production techniques and tools. It involves picking and recording sound events, performing (e.g. the Foley) and editing of previously composed or recorded audio, or creating sounds from scratch through synthesizers. Modern audio technology has enabled sound designers to produce flexible and complex designs that can easily be integrated into live performances or multimedia expositions.

The Concept

We begin from studying the screenplay / scenario or with the preliminary or final cut of the motion picture or project. This is our first and perhaps the most inspiring encounter with a future artwork. We make tons of notes as we go along jotting down our impressions and ideas. We then talk to the director with a view to getting familiar with the creative concept of the whole piece. Once all minute details have been covered, the Supervising Sound Editor comes to the fore and sound engineering concept work begins.

Age of Technology

Upon completing the final draft, sound engineers take over. They pick and record the sounds required for specific scenes. The Sound Designer does the editing and combines the recordings prepared with the sound effects from our unfathomable sound effect reference library to produce a multi-layer soundtrack of the work. Subsequent tasks of the Sound Designer and of the Supervising Sound Editor depend on the format of the whole work that is to be forwarded to the Principal.

The Output

Once the sfx stem is ready, we forward it for further processing or the final mix to the designated studio or we complete the post-production stage. The latter entails combining the effects of the Foley with the dialogue stem, music stem etc. Thus, the final soundtrack is ready.